• K01 sunset kit (4 SHEETS)


    this sticker kit is a collection of 4 silky, glossy sticker sheets, all made with a matching theme: sunsets. one sheet has stock photos of sunsets, two have 2 sets of 'days of the week' each, and another sheet has a variety of add-ons - such as faux washi, banners, circles, and boxes. all stickers have a consistent colour scheme, including pink, orange and purple - warm tones. sticker kits are permanently priced at $6 instead of $8, even when there is no ongoing sale, so it is definitely a bargain!


    this kit is absolutely perfect for planning and bullet journalling! here's a list of just a few of the ideal ways in which these stickers can be used (especialy if you make your monthly theme related to sunsets):

    - the days of the week stickers can be used as headers (there're enough for 4 full weeks)

    - the stock photos can be used to add colour to spreads/ to give something to focus on

    - you can stick photos down with the faux washi

    - the banners could be used to mark important dates/ events

    - the circles can be used as a bullet point list - for example, a to-do list

    - you could write key dates and events in the boxes, or use them as borders, or even to caption images


    each sticker sheet measures around 11cm by 8.5 cm.

    • info

      please note that colours may differ slightly due to the printing, and please allow a +/- 1cm difference in sticker sheet sizes due to measuring errors!


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