i've collaborated with numerous companies which are generously providing freebies for you to enjoy! the first section is a comprehensive list of all of such offers, with descriptions of each service. the second section is a list of discount codes which you can use to save on apps and software!


disclaimer: please note that i may receive compensation in the form of payment/ goods if you choose to use any of the links below - this will be done at zero cost to you !

the free stuff

skillshare is a website and app with thousands of creative classes taught by professionals, including detailed tutorials on painting, calligraphy, photography, and so on. (think of it as spotify - singers are artists, albums are art lessons, songs are different components of each lesson, concerts are online workshops.)

with premium membership (which typically costs $15 monthly), you can download classes to watch offline, join workshops, and gain access to all 20,000+ classes (with the free version you can only view around 1,000).

you do have to enter payment details when signing up for the free trial, but don't worry, you don't pay anything at all! the details are only required because skillshare will automatically charge you once the 2 months are over. however, if you don't want to pay at all, you can very easily cancel your subscription before the trial ends! (it's a quick, easy process with no fee!)

flipd is a completely free-to-download app centred around mindfulness and productivity! the main feature on the app is called 'light lock': where you can set a lock on your phone for a certain amount of time to stop procrastinating. you can turn it off whenever you want by simply pressing the 'x' button! besides that, flipd also has calming music, multiple podcasts and lots more features to keep you motivated!

flipd has also got a 'community' tab, where you can join groups of people to 'compete' for the highest ranking on the group leaderboard! the ranking is based on the amount of time you've spent "flipd off". hence, flipd is a really good way to boost your productivity since it effectively stops you from using your phone. you can join my group, which already has over 2,000 members, by searching for the group code "SseEn9" or by clicking the link below!

studysmarter is a 100% free website and app, with no premium membership whatsoever - all features are completely free to use for everyone! (you only need your email to sign up - that's it!) it's quite possibly the most useful and functional educational app i've ever come across, honestly! here's a quick overview of some of their amazing features.

once you sign up, the system tailor-makes an individual learning plan just for you, based on your preferences (it takes into account how long you want to study for, what your goals are, etc). they have an incredible flashcard system, where you can make your own flashcards by typing or even screenshot-ing, and also view public flashcards made by other students (in fact, over 1.5 million flashcards have been made on studysmarter)!  the app can even make summaries for you based on your notes - just highlight the most important points, and boom, studysmarter will automatically make a summary! this app is also a great way to meet fellow students: the system finds a study group for you and you can ask each other questions, share notes/flashcards, etc. finally, studysmarter provides detailed statistics and feedback on how to improve and achieve your dream grade!

once again, this app is completely free of charge. as a matter of fact, their site states that 89% of users achieve better grades across all subjects! click on the button below to sign up for free!

habitify is a completely free-to-download app! it's a virtual habit tracker - super customisable and user-friendly. you can add in activities which you'd like to complete, set a timetable for yourself, schedule activities, and so on. you can view graphs showing your progress, see what's stopping you from achieving more, etc! it's 100% free to download, just click on the link below!

photobook worldwide is a company which sells dozens of customisable photo gifts - like tote bags, notebooks, t-shirts, canvas art, business cards, etc. their main products are, of course, their photobooks. they come in many variations, from hardcover to softcover, from 6"x6" to 12"x12", from debossed to packed in a slipcase. i have purchased their photobooks and photo prints multiple times before and the quality is always amazing, and the prices are super affordable, especially since they have sales nearly 24/7.

as part of our collaboration, photobook worldwide is offering a huge deal: a free 6"x6" fully personalised photobookthe code doesn't cover shipping, but shipping is really quick and affordable too!


when you purchase something from my store, you're almost always entitled to at least one freebie! for every $10 you spend excluding shipping, you receive a free large sticker flake (each one is individually coated with matte glaze). this stops at when you spend $30, so you can get up to 3 free stickers in a single order! 

additionally, you can also get free untracked shipping with a minimum purchase of just $50!

click on the link below to start shopping!

the discounts

if you've downloaded the free flipd app (as mentioned above) and love it as much as i do, you may be considering getting premium flipd membership! there are so many perks to getting premium, here are just a few of them.


first off, you get a massive 'wellness bundle' worth over $100! the bundle contains benefits like discounts, vouchers and free trials from multiple other apps and softwares like rakuten kobo. furthermore, you get access to in-depth statistics and graphs about your flipd usage, and to the full range of podcasts and music. finally, you also get to use the 'full lock' feature. this feature enables you to entirely lock off your phone and all your apps (excluding essentials like the phone app) to ensure that you are 100% productive.

flipd has given me a discount code for you to save some money on flipd premium! just use the code "SAVEWITHSTUDYLAHH" for 75% off! (this is a HUGE deal because the max discount was previously 10% off)

if you've downloaded habitify and find it as useful as i do, you may be tempted to get the premium version! it's already really affordable: less than $3/month, or a one-time payment of $39, which is valid forever; however they've given me a discount code for you to use to save even more! here is a list of just a few premium features.

you can view your progress on a yearly basis, so you can compare your monthly performance, and you can export your progress data as a csv file to analyse it further. if you're ill or can't complete a habit for one day for whatever reason, you have the ability to 'skip a day' - so your streak won't be broken! there's also a double-protection privacy lock with a passcode and face/touch id, and you can archive habits if you no longer find them useful or relevant. you can even change the display to 'dark mode', to relax your eyes and conserve your phone's battery.

the code which habitify is giving you is "STUDYLAHH10"! click on the button below to use it.

gaston luga is a swedish brand offering premium bags and accessories. all of their products are sleek and classy but super functional too! they even offer free delivery AND returns!

get 15% off your purchase with the code "STUDYLAHH"!

sudio is a swedish brand well-known for its earphones and headphones. the colours of their products are really pretty and they have a wide range of styles and functionalities so there's a pair of earphones for everyone's needs!

get 15% off your purchase with the code "STUDYLAHH15"!


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