hi, i'm sahana!

i'm a 15 year old blogger/ influencer from kuala lumpur, malaysia, living in penang (an island in the north of malaysia).


my instagram-based blog (@studylahh) is a place for me to share my notes (i'm taking my igcses in may) and -occasionally- artwork! i first joined the studygram community in october 2017, and i've met tons of new people and worked with dozens of brands since then.

my hobbies, besides blogging include art-ing, travelling, mentally redecorating my room, and wishing that the wizarding world was real instead of the bleep test. on a normal day, you'll probably find me either trying (and failing) to think of witty captions for my posts, dreaming up new sticker designs, spending hours editing my photos, or re-arranging the polaroids on my room walls about half a million times.


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